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Doctor Babor Neuro Sensitive Cellular Intensive Calming Body Cream 150ml

Doctor Babor Neuro Sensitive Cellular Intensive Calming Body Cream 150ml

Doctor Babor Neuro Sensitive Cellular Intensive Calming Body Cream 150ml
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Brings dry skin on the body back into balance

Contents: 150 ml Item number: 466300 

  • Suitable for the care of neurodermatitis and psoriasis during symptom-free periods
  • Unpleasant itching is instantly soothed and reduced with long lasting effect

Intensively calming very rich body cream for very dry skin and for extremely rough and dry areas of skin and for the care of skin affected by neurodermatitis during symptom-free periods. Result/Benefit: The skin's protective lipid layer is effectively regenerated. The lipid-moisture balance is optimally restored. The risk of bacterial skin reactions declines and irritations subside significantly. The skin's natural defenses are effectively strengthened. Unpleasant itching is instantly soothed and redness is reduced, with lasting results.The skin recovers faster and feelings of tightness are noticeably reduced. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Neuroxyl: desensitizes the nerve endings, soothes unpleasant itching instantly and reduces redness with long-lasting results.
    • The nerve endings have special molecules, that are able to send nerve signals (Neuromediators/transmitters) or receive (Neuroreceptors) signals and translate them into information.
    • If the skin is extremely dry or hyper-sensitive, an imbalance between transmitter and receptor occurs. Cause by external influences, inflammatories or itching too many nerve signals hit not enough receptors.
    • Accordingly the skin reacts with irritations and redness for defending.
    • Neuroxyl redresses the balance between nerve signals and receptors by increasing the amount of receptors.
    • The skin is desensitized. Irritations, redness and itching will be reduced immediately with long-lasting effect.
  • Microsilver: combats bacteria on skin surface and reduces irritations.
    • Extremely dry and hyper-sensitive skin has a weak and destroyed lipid barrier. Bacteria are able to penetrate into the skin and irritations occur.
    • Microsilver discharges silver-ions and neutralizes the bacteria on skin surface by blocking enzymes and destroying the bacteria's membrane.
    • BABOR uses high-quality, elementary microsilver, which was developed in years by the Frauenhofer Institut. A special production method trigger a particular surface structure that discharges the silver-ions (no nano particles) for a longer time with depot-effect.
    • Silver is used in medicine, f.ex. for wound patches, disinfectants or as therapeutic agent for would healing.
  • Gamma-Linolenic acid: derived from evening prime rose oil. Restores the lipid barriers by activating the skin's own ceramide protection. Strengthens the skin's natural defenses effectively and smoothes roughness.
    • The extremely dry and hyper-sensitive skin has a weak and fragile lipid barrier.
    • This is usually caused by a lack of essential fatty acids (ceramides) in the horny layer. Ceramides are responsible for filling the space between the horny cells and make the horny layer 'impervious'. If the amount of ceramides is not high enough the horny layer becomes permeable and external irritants or bacteria could penetrate into the skin.
    • Gamma-Linolenic acid activates the skin's own ceramide production. The intercellular spaces will be completely filled, the horny layer becomes 'impervious' again.
    • The skin becomes more resistant against external influences. Moisture loss will be reduced definitely.
  • Lactate: (milk acid) retains the acid mantle, the outer protection layer of the skin and is a very effective natural moisturizing factor.
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